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Does the Media Affect Percocet Use?

The media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to the portrayal of drug use. Some outlets show the realistic truths of Percocet abuse while others seem to glorify drug activity. With the media expanding its reach by the minute, one may wonder how large of a role this has played in the massive rise in prescription drug abuse rates.

Percocet Abuse Represented in the Media

People from all walks of life fall victim to prescription drug abuse, and there are countless contributing factors. Percocet use has been exposed by the media in both a sweet and sour light. Some outlets have contributed to the drug’s recreational and medical abuse, while others have shed light on the nasty consequences of its abuse. Reality television programs about addiction, rehab and intervention have created more awareness about the realities of prescription drug abuse. By exposing individuals struggling with real-life addiction the public can be educated on the harsh truth that results from addiction. Unfortunately some reality TV shows and other programs, movies and media distract the public with scripted scenes, celebrity fighting and fictitious drama. This can cause people to disregard the seriousness of addiction and the importance of rehab programs.

Percocet and prescription drug abuse appears in additional media outlets such as music. Artists, especially in the hip-hop and rap genre, have not been shy about mentioning their choice to abuse prescription drugs. Hit songs have included specific lyrics about mixing and abusing Percocet and other pain relievers. The music industry is notorious for creating concoctions that combine alcohol with prescription drugs. Followers of this music scene can be influenced to live a lifestyle where partying and high-risk drug abuse is considered cool and acceptable.

Is the Media’s Portrayal of Percocet Abuse Preventing People from Getting Treatment?

The media may affect whether or not Percocet users decide to get treatment. Younger individuals who are influenced by media outlets glorifying Percocet use may find that the idea of getting treatment never crosses their minds. These individuals tend to believe that they have full control over their use and can quit at any time.

The other unfortunate circumstance from the media’s portrayal of Percocet abuse is that individuals may fear getting help. Drug abuse and addiction is harshly criticized in the media, and, while people should be made aware of the dangers and consequences of Percocet abuse, they should not have to fear public opinion of drug users. The media can be quick to judge, criticize or even trash individuals who struggle with substance abuse or addiction. This makes it especially difficult for individuals struggling with addiction get help or talk to loved ones about these issues. However recent celebrity addiction tragedies have created more public awareness for the importance of addiction treatment.

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