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How Percocet Abuse Affects Families

Percocet abuse can have a devastating impact not only on those abusing the drug, but also on their families. Prescription drug abuse affects everyone around the drug abuser.

What Are the Physical and Financial Effects of Percocet Abuse on Families?

Percocet abuse is characterized by taking the drug more frequently, in greater doses, or for a longer duration than it was prescribed, or taking it for non-medical reasons. This can lead to both physical and psychological problems, as well as financial problems like spending large quantities of money in the process of acquiring more of the drug.

If a Percocet abuser has children, addiction can blind the parent to their child’s needs. Typically Percocet is an abuser’s main focus, often to the point of obsession, so a child’s needs would then be a second priority. The physical problems caused by Percocet use can also cause a person to miss work frequently, potentially causing the user to lose his job altogether. When someone is abusing Percocet, often the physical and financial results of the drug use are of a lesser concern than acquiring more of the drug. Although a drug abuser might not have any intent of causing financial distress, he or she may, without even realizing it, be spending grocery money or part of a child’s college fund on Percocet.

Why Does Percocet Abuse Harm Families?

A normal, healthy family life is almost impossible when a member of the family is dealing with Percocet abuse. Because Percocet affects the chemicals in the brain, it can cause drastic mood swings and behavioral changes in addition to feelings of anxiety and depression. This can cause emotional detriment to other members of one’s family.

When children aren’t able to rely on parents to care for and support them, it can cause confusion and insecurities that may bleed into other areas of their lives, such as school and peer relationships. It also may make a child think that drug abuse is okay and make them more susceptible to abuse and addiction themselves. Substance abuse affects every family differently, but most often it leads to damaged relationships and long-lasting emotional wounds. While the financial and physical effects may be able to be reversed, some of the emotional damages may be present for a lifetime. The longer the Percocet abuse lasts, the more detrimental it is to one’s family.

How Can Percocet Abuse Be Treated?

If you or someone in your family is struggling with Percocet abuse, please get help. Recovery and healing is possible, but it will require professional help and treatment. Treatment can take place at either an inpatient or outpatient rehab facility, depending on the severity of the abuse, and should incorporate many different programs and therapies in order to treat the whole person. Many facilities offer family therapy as part of the treatment plan, where the impact of the Percocet can be discussed openly and the family can learn how best to support the person with the abuse problem. Recovery can be a reality with the right help.

Do you Need Help with Percocet Abuse Effects on Families?

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