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How Percocet Addiction Affects Decision-Making Abilities

To understand how Percocet addiction affects decision-making abilities, one must learn how the drug impacts the brain. Percocet is a pain reliever, but it does not do so at the source of injury. Instead, Percocet works in the brain to block the sensation of pain. It attaches itself to nerve endings and prevents signals of pain from reaching the brain. Patients taking Percocet still experience the same levels of pain, their brains just don’t know it!

Psychological Side Effects of Percocet Abuse

Any substance that affects the brain can impact other areas of brain function, such as emotions, rational thinking and thought processes. Common side effects of Percocet use include the following problems:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Euphoria
  • Exaggerated emotions
  • Sedation

Even safe doses of Percocet interfere with one’s physical and psychological capability. When a user experiences sedation and drowsiness, she can neither think nor behave rationally. Exaggerated emotions and euphoria also lead to irrational or unexplained behaviors. It is during this time that individuals may act in ways they normally would not were they sober. Those who abuse Percocet are even more likely to make outlandish, questionable or even regrettable decisions that harm their wellbeing.

How Percocet Abuse Affects Your Future

When people first use Percocet, they may feel in control of their actions and consequences as they believe they know what they are doing and can quit using any time they want. But most users underestimate how powerful and addictive the drug can be. It takes a short time for the brain and body to build a tolerance for the drug, and soon after a dependency. Before too long a user can no longer decide whether or not to use, as it will then become a compulsive need. When a dependency develops, the body will experience withdrawal symptoms when Percocet is discontinued. This is why it is important to avoid Percocet abuse, because once you begin it is nearly impossible to quit without help.

Percocet addicts give up their decision-making ability and the cravings are now in control. Users will be consumed with getting and using the drug. Percocet users make decisions that enable addiction, so they minimize priorities like friends, family, work, school, interests and other responsibilities. Percocet addicts may make poor choices if they continue to use. They will blow their finances, drive while intoxicated, fight, steal, lie, break laws and etc. While intoxicated, users are also likely to make rash and risky decisions. These drug-influenced decisions do not just affect the user, but also their family, friends and even complete strangers.

Percocet Addiction Help

If you decide to get help for Percocet addiction, we are here to help. Please call our toll-free helpline now to speak directly with a trained addiction counselor. Counselors can assist you with all of your Percocet addiction, treatment and recovery questions. Whether you need more information on your options for recovery or are ready to find a treatment program today, we can help. Counselors are on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please pick up the phone and let the experts help you find the quality addiction recovery help you deserve.