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How to Handle Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

For most Percocet users the first and most difficult part of overcoming addiction is recognizing and admitting to a problem. Looking objectively at your thoughts, behaviors and actions takes a great deal of courage. Once an addiction problem is acknowledged, a solution needs to be found. Percocet addiction treatment is a warm, welcoming and supportive place, but many addicts must face a fear of the unknown when it comes to rehab.

Knowing What to Expect from Percocet Addiction Treatment

Before treatment can progress, a recovering Percocet user must detox. When the detox process begins, the user will experience severe side effects, as the body has become physically dependent on the drug and must readjust to functioning without it. Symptoms such as bodily aches and pains, spasms, vomiting, increased heart rate, flu-like symptoms and loss of appetite are common. These withdrawal symptoms may tempt users to leave treatment and return to Percocet use, but those who stay in rehab will receive the care of medical professionals and will be ready to move forward with their recovery.

Rehab programs that include detox services will help recovering Percocet users manage withdrawal symptoms. There is no way to completely avoid withdrawal symptoms, and detox often involves supporting the individual’s body and mind as best as possible, while he or she completes the withdrawal process. Doctors monitor a patient’s detoxification to ensure that he or she does not have other health issues that have been masked by Percocet use. Withdrawal is uncomfortable, but with medical guidance it is safe.

Psychological Support during Percocet Detoxification

Patients will be able to speak with therapists about what they are experiencing during withdrawal. Symptoms are both physical and psychological, so, while doctors ensure physical safety and increase physical comfort, therapists are on hand to help individuals explore, manage and calm their emotions. Early therapy sessions are also a good introduction to later rehab efforts which will involve further counseling to uncover the real reasons behind Percocet use.

You Can Recover from Percocet Addiction

Going through Percocet detox is not easy, and doing it alone is even more difficult. Getting the right help and treatment for your or a loved one’s Percocet addiction is essential to maintaining a drug-free life. Call our toll-free helpline to learn about resources that are available to you and to find the safest and most comfortable detox options. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.