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Formal, group interventions can be very effective in getting through to a person addicted to Percocet, but these meetings are not without their own risk. Before attempting to organize or stage an intervention, it is important for all people involved to be informed and well-prepared for all possible outcomes.

What Qualifies as an Intervention?

Any time a person attempts to confront their friend or loved one about Percocet addiction, they are intervening in that person’s disease. While most people immediately think of group meetings for an intervention– possibly arranged as a surprise to the suspected addict – even things as simple as a one-on-one conversation or phone call can be effective interventions. Private, personal discussions in which you are prepared to communicate your concern in a clear, unambiguous way to the Percocet addict in your life may be the most effective way to help him or her “see the light.”

When all other attempts fail, it may be the time to organize a group intervention. These are challenging events that require careful planning and preparation. Professional interventionists can often be involved to help the participants prepare and to manage the actual meeting when it happens.

The Importance of an Intervention

What Are the Essential Ingredients of an Effective Percocet Intervention?

While these meetings may take on any number of influences, the most effective interventions will definitely include the following elements:

  • Clear and focused communication of the negative effects of the subject’s addiction on the lives of their closest friends and loved ones, with other issues intentionally sidelined
  • Intensive co-dependency counseling for the loved ones of the addict
  • Emotional preparation for all involved
  • The establishment of clear relational boundaries that will be enforced if the addict fails to accept the necessary help to get clean
  • Detailed planning for all possible outcomes
  • Working out payment, insurance, travel and other logistics in advance of the meeting

How Can I Be Best Prepared for an Intervention?

Possibly the most effective preparation for an intervention is for all involved to receive specialized counseling, training and emotional support before the meeting is held. Percocet addiction affects all involved and codependency issues are common. Professional interventionists are an excellent resource for this kind of help.

What If My Intervention Fails?

Even with the best possible preparation a good number of interventions fail. Psychological addiction is a powerful disease. It clouds the addict’s thinking, disconnecting them from the results of their actions. In many cases these people are chemically unable to understand that their addiction is real and is a problem. They will experience a range of potentially powerful psychological symptoms including the following:

  • Justification for their continued Percocet abuse
  • Denial that they have a problem
  • Over-confidence in their ability to manage their addiction
  • Anger or aggression toward those who care enough to challenge them on their addiction
  • Inability to control their emotions
  • Selective memory that only recalls the “good” times and none of the consequences of Percocet abuse
  • Total avoidance of friends and family members who will not tolerate or enable their Percocet abuse

In many cases the addict will not seek or accept help until they hit “rock bottom.” As long as options other than treatment are available, they will take them. The hope is that they find their rock bottom before something irreversible happens, like overdose or suicide.

Who Can Help Me Prepare and Conduct a Percocet Intervention?

Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for high-quality advice from a caring staff that is well experienced with preparing for and conducting interventions of all types. We can give you “talking points” that may help you to broach the subject with your loved one and access to professional interventionists. Our helpline is open any time of day or night.

One of the most challenging aspects of helping a friend confront his or her Percocet addiction is discerning the best way to proceed. Conducting an intervention can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it alone. Call us today and let us answer any questions you have about the role you may play in your loved one’s recovery from Percocet addiction.