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Percocet is very commonly prescribed for short-term relief of moderate to severe pain following injury or surgery. Because it is opiate-based, it carries with it a high risk for dependency. If you are concerned about your use of Percocet, you can conduct a simple self-assessment to determine if an addiction has developed.

Do You Take More Percocet Than Prescribed?

Have you noticed yourself taking more Percocet than prescribed, or taking it more frequently? This is a sure sign of a growing addiction problem. As your body develops a tolerance to the drug, you might notice that its pain-managing power begins to fade. If you feel any sort of desire or craving for more of the drug than you should be taking, it is wise to seek help immediately.

Do You Seek a Percocet High?

When first taken, Percocet gives many patients a mild sense of euphoria. This fades quickly as the body develops a tolerance to the drug. Some patients find that euphoria very pleasurable, however, and desire to experience that effect again and again. As their tolerance grows, this means they will need larger or more frequent doses in order to feel the effects. If you have felt a longing for the high, or maybe just the feeling of emotional relief, confidence, comfort or overall well-being that you remember from the first time you took Percocet, you should seek help from professionals for your developing addiction.

Have You Been Dishonest with Yourself or Others About Your Percocet Use?

Have you lied or bent the truth when it has come to your Percocet use? Have you said anything untrue in order to get your doctor to prescribe you more? Have you tried to fill prescriptions at more than one pharmacy? Have you used Percocet that was not prescribed to you? If confronted by medical personnel, family or friends about your use of the pills, have you denied abuse? Do you find yourself justifying your abuse by making excuses? Any dishonesty with yourself or others about your use of Percocet is a sure sign that something is wrong. Psychological addiction can make people do things they never thought they would. Lying or manipulating doctors or pharmacists to get more Percocet is also a crime.

Do You Feel Anxious When Percocet Is Unavailable?

Have you noticed feelings of anxiousness or stress when you are not able to take Percocet? When you start to run low on pills, do you feel nervous or scared? Do you feel irritable when your most recent dosage is wearing off? If you run out of pills, are you obsessed or even just pre-occupied with how and when you will get more? Any of these feelings are a sign of an emotional addiction to Percocet. They must be confronted through careful rehabilitation, or they will only get worse.

Are You Losing Control of Your Behavior Because of Percocet?

One of the key psychological functions related to addiction is the loss of impulse control. As the disease develops, addicts will find that their ability to resist the temptation to take more pills starts to fade. Some report that they act on their urges before even thinking about it. This impulse control disorder may spread to other areas of life as well. Emotional outbursts, abusive behavior or language, or even criminal activity can become irresistible to Percocet addicts. If you ever feel a loss of control, you should call for help right away. Some addicts engage in dangerous or even life-threatening behavior when they lose their ability to control their impulses.

If Your Self-Assessment Points Toward Addiction, Call For Help Today

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our expert counselors are standing by any time of day or night, seven days a week, to answer your questions and to help you determine if you have developed an addiction to Percocet. Don’t be surprised if you feel a reluctance to call. Psychological addiction is powerful and will prevent many people from reaching out. Don’t listen to the hesitation in your mind. Call today and let us help you finish your self-assessment and get the treatment you need to beat Percocet addiction.