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The Importance of a Simple Blood Test before Taking Percocet

Patients who begin taking Percocet, oxycodone or other opioid drugs often begin taking these drugs under the direction of a physician. Unfortunately these powerful opioid medications can lead to dependence and even addiction.

One study, conducted by the Mayo Clinic took a closer look at how these drugs impact the body of different individuals. They analyzed the blood nutrient levels of a number of individuals and compared those results to how high their opioid doses became. Interestingly, they found that patients who have low levels of vitamin D also took much higher levels of pain medication. In many cases, these individuals were taking almost twice as much pain medication than those who had healthy vitamin D levels.

One Simple Vitamin Helps a Number of Ailments

Vitamin D deficiency can be determined by a simple blood test. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to sleep disturbances, depression and higher anxiety. Vitamin D also promotes muscle strength and bone strength. Low Vitamin D can slow down neuromuscular ability.

Proper levels of vitamin D help individuals build stronger bones, heal faster and feel better about life. Proper levels of this vitamin can also help make physical pain less overwhelming. Vitamin D deficiency also has a very simple fix. The regular administration of a Vitamin D pill can make a big difference for many people.

Testing for Low Vitamin D Levels

The 25-hydroxyvitamin D test can easily and affordably test for these healthy vitamin D levels. Doctors have found that this blood test has shown low levels of vitamin D in patients who thought they had incurable chronic pain, fibromyalgia or even greater difficulty overcoming serious illnesses like cancer.

While vitamin D is not a cure-all, it can help the brain process pain more effectively. It is well worth the price to get a full blood panel test to examine any possible solutions before beginning a potentially addictive painkiller like Percocet.

The best way to regulate your vitamin D levels is with the guidance of your physician. You want to always be careful when changing the way you treat your diet and your body.

When Percocet Use Becomes a Problem

Percocet and other opioid pain relievers are designed for short-term use only. Unfortunately, these drugs are very addictive and can lead to dependence in as little as a week. Individuals who struggle with pain may feel like these dangerous medicines are the only option.

There is hope. Let us help you find alternatives to this terrible dependence. We can help you find addiction treatment options that can address both addiction and the underlying causes, such as pain or fatigue. Call today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to find out how.

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