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Treatment for Percocet Addiction and Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are common in cases of Percocet addiction. They can be caused by addiction or may have led to addiction in the first place. Regardless of which came first, both the addiction and the mood disorder need to receive treatment in order for the individual to succeed in recovery. If both issues are not treated, the person will likely continue to return to drug use.

How Does Percocet Use Lead to Mood Disorders?

Percocet addiction has the potential to not only exacerbate a pre-existing mental health issue but to also induce such issues. Percocet is a prescription painkiller that works by blocking the brain’s pain receptors and stimulating the reward center by producing feelings of euphoria. Because Percocet chemically alters the brain’s function, it has the potential to be both physically and psychologically addictive. When Percocet is used regularly, the brain physically changes and expects increasingly greater quantities of the drug. If the required dose Percocet is not taken, feelings of depression along with other withdrawal symptoms will begin to occur. Emotional responses are frequently heightened, and people experience feelings of anxiety or restlessness. For those individuals who have a pre-existing mood disorder, Percocet can exaggerate the symptoms and will often interact negatively with other medications being taken. Those who are on medication for a mood disorder should never use Percocet without first consulting a doctor about how the two drugs might interact.

How Can a Mood Disorder Lead to Percocet Addiction?

Percocet is often taken by those with a mood disorder in order to self-medicate, because Percocet produces feelings of euphoria and can temporarily mask the symptoms of the disorder. Unfortunately, rather than helping the problem, those who attempt to self-medicate are making the problem worse. Percocet will not only intensify the symptoms the individual was previously experiencing, but new ones will almost certainly develop, especially when Percocet use is stopped. This might lead the individual to take increasingly greater doses of Percocet or combine Percocet with other drugs in order to continue to experience euphoric highs. This can become a downward spiral of drug use with devastating consequences.

What Treatment Is Necessary for Co-occurring Percocet Addiction and Mood Disorders?

In order for someone suffering from a Percocet addiction and a mood disorder to recover fully, both issues must be treated simultaneously by the same team of professionals. This form of addiction treatment is referred to as Dual Diagnosis or integrated treatment. Treating one half of the equation does not mean that the other will improve on its own. Treatment for Percocet addiction and mood disorders should be fully integrated, and recovering users should receive parallel treatment that is multifaceted and comprehensive. Dual Diagnosis treatment not only provides the help needed to get clean from Percocet but can also teach the skills and strategies needed to both remain clean and manage a mood disorder. A healthy drug-free life is possible when the right treatment is received.

Do You Need Help with Percocet Addiction and a Mood Disorder?

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